• The Dual Tones aka The Dolphins (3)  

    The Dolphins (3) Port Chester, New York)
    aka The Dual Tones

    Personnel :

    James Cascio

    Anthony Fotia

    Discography :

    The Dual Tones
    1959 - Bubble-Gum Bop! / I'll Belong To You (Sabre 203)

    The Dolphins (3)
    1961 -  Rainbow's End / One More For The Road (Empress 102)

    Biography :

    The Dolphins were were James Cascio and Anthony Fotia. They were from Port Chester, New York. In 1959, James and Anthony  recorded two songs : "Bubble-Gum Bop!" b/w "I'll Belong To You". The single was released on the tiny Sabre records in New York. they were billed as the Dual Tones. They had the pleasure of appearing on the stage of an Allan Freed show in the Catskills back in 1959 were and they backed up Johnny Maestro on "16 Candles".

    The Dual Tones aka The Dolphins (3)    The Dual Tones aka The Dolphins (3)

    At the end of the year 1960, James Cascio and Anthony Fotia sign a recording contract with Empress and change their name to the Dolphins . Empress was a subsidiary of Valmor Records. The Valmor Company was started in the fall of 1960 in New York city. It was a division of Countess, international, and owned and run by Gene and Jody Malis (Jody often used her maiden name, Cameron).

    The Dual Tones aka The Dolphins (3)     The Dual Tones aka The Dolphins (3)

    In 1961, Valmor opened the subsidiary label, Empress. The Empress label lasted about a year and only released 8 singles. The new renamed Dolphins recorded two ballads : "Rainbow's End" and "One More For The Road" released on Empress 102. After the empress release, Anthony Fotia moved to the Bronx.

    Songs :

    The Dolphins (3)

    One More For The Road                   Rainbow's End         

    The Dual Tones

    I'll Belong To You                            Bubble-Gum Bop!



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