•    George "Danny" Daniels,Alfred Toddman,  Lucille "Vicky" Burgess , James Cooke, Eugene "Sonny" Cooke,

    The Charmers (1) (New York)
    ref The Chorals 


    Personnel :

    Lucille "Vicky" Burgess (Lead/Tenor)

    Eugene "Sonny" Cooke (Lead/Baritone)

    Alfred Toddman (First Tenor)

    James Cooke (Second Tenor)

    George "Danny" Daniels (Bass)

    Discography :

    1954 - The Beating Of My Heart / Why Does It Have To Be Me? (Central 1002)
    1954 - Tony, My Darling / In The Rain" (Central 1006)
    1954 - I was Wrong / The Mambo (Timely 1009)
    1954 - The Church on the Hill / Battle Axe (Timely 1011)


    Biography :

    The vocal group The Charmers was formed in late 1953 and its members were Vikki Burgess, George Daniels, Alfred Toddman, and James and Sonny Cooke. They set up a recording date with Central Records run by Lee Magid and Larry Newton (who was also head of Derby Records).

       Alfred Toddman, Eugene "Sonny" Cooke, George "Danny" Daniels

    The second side released by Central in mid December of 1953 by The Charmers on the songs "The Beating Of My Heart" and "Why Does It Have To Be Me?" on #1002. The record was a steady if unspectacular seller for the first few months of the year, with heaviest action in the Northeast corridor of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and D.C. In late April of the year The Charmers have their second record for Central.

                                                                                                                    Lucille "Vicky" Burgess

    This second effort does not do as well as their previous release. In October of the year Hy Seigel of Timely Records announces the signing of The Charmers to his label. Soon they cut two singles on the Label. Vikki Burgess joins with Myrna Hamilton and Renee Stewart and form a group called The Solirettes and are signed to top New York independent label Old Town Records.  All of the efforts by the group remain unreleased and The Solirettes become a dim memory of the time. Burgess now forms another group with Margaret Moore and Estelle Harper and call themselves The Joytones.  In 1956, Alfred Toddman, Eugene "Sonny" Cooke and George "Danny" Daniels sang with the Chorals on Decca.

    Songs :

    The Beating Of My Heart        Why Does It Have To Be Me?          Tony, My Darling        

    In The Rain                         I Was Wrong                         The Mambo

    The Church on the Hill  / Battle Axe


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