• The Lafayettes

    The Lafayettes (Baltimore, MD)


    Personnel ;

    Frank Bonarrigo (Lead singer)

    Ben Proctor (Drums)

    Jamie Hess (Piano)

    Steve Taylor (Guitar)

    Lee Bonner (Guitar)

    Dick Svehla (Alto Saxophone)

    Bob Kirschner (Tenor Saxophone)


    Discography :

    The Lafayettes
    1962 - Life's Too Short / Nobody But You (RCA 47-8044)
    1962 - Caravan Of Lonely Men / I Still Do (Dot 47-8082)

    Frank James & The Lafayettes
    1964 - I Lost My Way / My Heart Keeps Coming Up With You (Bona 1741)


    Biography :

    One morning in 1962, Lee Bonner and friend Phil Huth sat in the cool basement of a Towson rowhouse and penned a song. There was no particular inspiration, no shadows of Jack Kerouac or Bob Dylan. They were just playing and singing about teen-age love in their local band, the Lafayettes, named after the Baltimore avenue.

    The Lafayettes
    Back: Ben Proctor, Steve Taylor, Frank Bonarrigo, Jamie Hess Front: Dick Svehla, Bob Kirshner, Lee Bonner

    Members included Lee Bonner, Phil Huth, drummer Ben Proctor, pianist Jamie Hess, lead singer Frank Bonarrigo, guitarist Steve Taylor, alto saxophonist Dick Svehla, and Bob Kirschner on tenor sax. Most of them attended Towson High School. In 1962, they won a "battle of the bands" contest on the Buddy Deane Show with their original song "Life's Too Short", which became a national hit on the RCA label. Their hit song 'Life's Too Short' was featured in the original John Water's film 'Hairspray" (1988).  In May 2017 they were inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame.


    Songs :

    The Lafayettes

    I Still Do                                        Life's Too Short

    Caravan Of Lonely Men                          Nobody But You       

    Frank James & The Lafayettes

    My Heart Keeps Coming Up With You                   I Lost My Way                


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