• Ray & Lindy
    Ray & Lindy (Owensboro, Ky.)

    Personnel :

    Ray Wilson

    Lindy Estes


    Discography :

    Ray & Lindy
    1957 - Oh Let Me Love You / Misery (Rocket 1957)
    1957 - Hey Doll Baby / Love Must Be In The Air (Starday 333)
    1958 - Little Miss Love / I Give Up (Starday 348)
    1959 - Yes, That's Love / Angel Love (UA 171)
    1959 - Big Betty / Jimmy's Got A Girl (Atco 6150)

    Lindy Estes
    1960 - Maria / Where Will I Go (To Forget You) (Fraternity 872   
    1963 - Useless / It Could Happen To You (Exclusive 2273)
    1963 - I Still Miss Someone / Do Darlin' (Joni 102)


    Biography :

    Rock and roll / Country Owensboro duet,  Ray (Wilson) and Lindy (Estes) recorded for a number of labels: Rocket, Starday, United Artists and Atco Records. As a duo, they were active between 1957 and 1959 and released five singles.  First out was "Oh Let Me Love You" / "Misery" on Rocket (#1957) in October 1957, followed by "Hey Doll Baby" / "Love Must Be In The Air" on Starday (#333) à month later. In March the following year, and for the same company, they released "Little Miss Love" / "I Give Up" (Starday #348).

    Ray & Lindy    Ray & Lindy

    Two month later May 1958, the duo had switched to United Artists where they change their musical style by turning to teenager songs with "Angel Love" / "Yes, Thats Love" (#171).  The topside of this disc was performed by Ray & Lindy on American Bandstand on June 8th 1959. Their final joint release was "Big Betty" / "Jimmys Got À Girl" on Atco (#6150) in November 1959. However, Lindy Estes also recorded for Fraternity as a solo act in 1960Ray And Lindy


    Songs :

    Ray & Lindy

    Yes, That's Love                                    Angel Love   


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