• The Syncapates (East Haven, CT)


    Personnel :

    Bonnie Metzo

    Sharon O'Connell

    Karen Prahovic

    Judy Tucker


    Discography :

    1963 - Your Tender Lips / Praying For A Miracle (Times Sq.7)


    Biography :

    Vocal Group from East Haven (CT) consisted of Bonnie Metzo, Sharon O'Connell, Karen Prahovic & Judy Tucker. In June 1958, they recorded two songs for Marty Kugell’s Klik Records probably under the name of The Syncopates. Klik was a short-lived New Haven’s label that never really had much in the way of hits but nonetheless cranked out a small batch of absolutely great doo wop sides before the payola scandal of 1959 closed its doors. Kugell, like most of his contemporaries in the record business did not keep detailed files on every group he recorded in the fifties. Many are unfortunately just names on a tape or demo, never tobe fully identified.  "Your Tender Lips" and "Praying For A Miracle" was a master Slim Rose purchased and released on his Times Sq.label in 1963 as The Syncapates.


    Songs :

        Your Tender Lips                            Praying For A Miracle


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