• The Aladdins (2)
     Richard DiTuccio, Clayton “Butch” Oelkuct, John Nicolini, Unknown

    The Aladdins (2) (Hartford, Connecticut)

    Personnel :

    John Nicolini

    Russel Stanavage

    Butch Oelkuct

    Richard DiTuccio

    Discography :

    1958 - Dot My Love / My Charlene (Frankie 6)

    Biography :

    Early in November 1958 , four youths from Bulkeley High School in Hartford named the "Aladdins" made their debut on the Kathy Godfrey Show. The Aladdins, whose manager is Frank Drury, president of the Police Athletic League are John Nicolini, Russel Stanavage, Butch Oelkuct and Richard DiTuccio. The group recorded two songs: "Dot My Love" and "My Charlene" released by Frankie Records.

    The Aladdins (2)

    Frankie Records was one of the many Indies labels in Connecticut in the late 1950's and 1960's. Founded by Jimmy and Johnny Mastrio. " Dot My Love" ranks in the top 40 locally. At the end of 1958 The Aladdins received an invitation to appear on Ted Mack's Amateur Show but had to refuse since the group was now classed as professionals.

    Songs :

    Dot My Love                                 My Charlene


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