• The Harbor Lights aka The Harbor Lites
    Sandy Yaguda, Sydelle Sherman and Kenny Vance 

    The Harbor Lights (New York)
    aka The Harbor Lites


    Personnel :

    Sandy Deane "Yaguda"

    Sidell Sherman

    Kenny Rosenberg "Vance"



    The Harbor Lites

    1960 - What Would I Do Without You / Is That Too Much To Ask (Jaro 77020)

    The Harbor Lights

    1960 - Angel Of Love / Tick A Tick A Tock (Mala 422)

     Anastasia bb The Harbor Lights
    1960 - Time Bomb / That's My Kind Of Love (Laurie 3066)


    Biography :

    In 1959, Kenny Vance and Sandy Yaguda were part of a vocal group called the Harbor lites; so called because they lived in Belle Harbor, New York. The other members were Sydell Sherman, Gail Sherman, Linda Kahn and Richie Graff. They all attended the same school. One of the owners of IVY Records, Stan Feldman, also lived in that neighborhood and the Harbor lites went to his home to audition for his label.  He thought that the group was terrible and told them to go home and do a lot of practicing. Linda, Gail and Richie left the group at this point and the three remaining members practiced constantly : Sandy Yaguda, Sidell Sherman and Kenny Vance .

    When they thought that they were good enough they went back to his office to audition again. This time they were signed to a contract and their first record was "Is That Too Much To Ask"- originally on Ivy but Jaro Records purchased the master. Jaro stood for The J. Arthur Rank Organization.  In 1960, the groups other single "Tick-a Tick-a Toc," which may have been released briefly by Jaro, came out on Mala label, a struggling, medium size New York company.The group backed Anastasia (aka Dean Parrish) on his first single for Laurie Records.  Kenny Vance & Sandy Yaguda then formed another group with Howie Kane and Jay Traynor. The new group auditioned for Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who signed them to United Artists Records, and named the group Jay and the Americans.

    Songs :

    The Harbor Lites

    What Would I Do Without You              Is That Too Much To Ask


    The Harbor Lights

    Tick A Tick A Tock                    Angel Of Love

     Anastasia bb The Harbor Lights

    That's My Kind Of Love


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