The Five Campbells (West Oakland, CampBell Village, Ca.)


    Personnel :

    Robert Woods (Baritone/Guitar)

    Al "Adolph" Jacobs (Guitar)

    Donald Alexanders (Tenor)

    George Ashford (First & Second Lead)

    Marvin "Toots" Hawkins (High Tenor)


    Discography :

    1956 - Morrine / Hey Baby (Music City 794)


    Biography :

    All the members hailed from West Oakland's CampBell Village neighborhood. Due to the group's short lifespan, they cut only one record for Ray Dobard (Music City's owner). Down in CampBell Village, there was a beautiful girl called Morrine. Everyone was in love with her. Then the group wrote the song "Morrine"and dedicated it to her.

                                                                                                                    Woods, Alexanders, Ashford, Hawkins, Jacobs

    "Morrine" garnered a lot of play in the Bay Area. As all members of the Five Campbells were under the age of eighteen, their performance exposure was limited to dance hall, parties and school gymnasiums. Dobard paid them nothing except the car fares to local talent shows he had part-sponsored.

    Al Jacobs with the Medallions                                                    Al Jacobs with the Coasters

    Al Jacobs quit soon after the record came out and went with the Robert Ward Band. He later moved on to Jimmy Green's Medallions and the Coasters...

    Songs :

    Morrine                                          Hey baby



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