• Jeff & The Gino's (Thousand Oaks, Ca.)
    aka The G-Notes aka The Gino Sisters


    Personnel :


    Linda Gino

    Nancy Gino

    Discography :

    1963 - Let me out / One Summer In a Million (Mercury 72138)



    Biography :

    Linda and Nancy Gino were part of the vocal trio The G-Notes who cut some singles in late 50s with their little sister Colleen. In 1958, the G-Notes was a female band comprised of Linda (12 yrs) , Nancy (10 yrs) and the youngest Colleen (3 yrs).

    The G.Notes                                                The G.Notes with Dick Clark

    The girls are from California where their father Sam Gino had built a recording studio in Thousand Oaks. In 1963, Linda and Nancy cut a single  for Mercury with a young boy as "Jeff & The Gino's".


    The two  sisters were later members of a singing group called The Youngfolk which was comprised of 7 members (5 male and 2 female) between the age of 18 and 20 years old.

    The Youngfolk

    They performed in coffee houses in and around Hollywood, CA and appeared on several television variety shows. 



    Songs :

    One Summer In a Million                         Let me out










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