• Teri Akers

    The Tears (1) (Torrance, Ca.)


    Personnel :

    Teri Akers (Lead)

    Jill Moore

    Dick Dawson

    Sherwood Tiernan


    Discography :
    Single :
    1956 - Nothing But Love   / Until The Day I Die (Dig 112)
    Unreleased :
    1956 - I Don't Wanta Cry (Dig)

    Biography :

    The Dig Record label was originally called Ultra Records and was formed in late 1955 by Frank Gallo, Eddie Mesner, Leo Mesner and Johnny Otis in Los Angeles California. in February 1956, the name of the label was changed to Dig Records, probably because of the existence of another California record company called Ultra. In 1957, Johnny Otis acquired sole ownership of the Dig Record Label. The Tears, a quartet of Torrance High School since 1954, consisted of blonde vocalist/composer, Teri Akers, Jill Moore, Dick Dawson and Sherwood Tiernan.

    The Tears (1)    The Tears (1)
                                                                                                                                        Johnny Otis

    The Tears impressed johnny Otis at one of his Talent Shows. Their Dig sides, "Nothing But Love"/ "Until The Day I Die" did well in Los Angeles but despite their appearance on the J.O. TV show, it didn’t help record sales all that much. Otis did not follow it up with another record. Yet a second record was ready to be released with the title "I Don't Wanta Cry". Could this group have been the inspiration for "To Know Him Is To Love Him" by the Teddy Bears?  Similar lineup with a girl singing lead and boys on harmony. 


    Songs :

    Until The Day I Die                         Nothing But Love

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