• Tony & The Twilights (5)
    (Paste-up picture) Top : Donnie Milo, Joe Gugliarda & Joe Agugliaro - bottom : Tony Passalacqua

    Tony & The Twilights (5) (Brooklyn, NY)


    Personnel :

    Tony Passalacqua (Lead)

    Joe Agugliaro (Baritone)

    Joe Gugliarda (Bass)

    Donnie Milo (Second Tenor)


    Discography : 

    Tony Richards & The Twilights (5)
    Single :
    1960 - Paper Boy / Please Believe In Me  (Colpix 178)
    Unreleased :
    1961 - September Song (Colpix)

    Tony Richards
    1961 - Shout My Name / Summer Is Coming (Colpix 199)


    Biography :

    Tony & the Twilights, also known as Tony Richards & The Twilights, were an offshoot of three different groups from the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY. Tony Richards, aka Tony Passalacqua, had sung with the Fascinators, a quartet formed in Bushwick in 1957. Among the Fascinators' rivals and contemporaries were the Clusters, who were friends of Passalacqua's, and the Markels, another Bushwick-based group, who scored a modest hit in 1958 with "Letter of Love." When the Fascinators broke up in 1961, Passalacqua hooked up with Joe Gugliarda (The Clusters) and Joe Agugliaro (who were cousins) of the Markels, and Donnie Milo, formerly of the Clusters, essentially forming a reconstituted Clusters.

    Tony & The Twilights (5)   Tony & The Twilights (5)
                                                                                                            Tony Passalacqua (Tony Richards)

    The new group was called the Twilights and the group was signed to Colpix Records, but they immediately ran into trouble when their first single was issued as The Twilights featuring Tony Richards, which was soon changed to Tony & the Twilights. The inevitable ego clashes ensued and the group split up in the next year. Tony Richards, as he was billed, later recorded as Tony Mitchell, but never recaptured the promise of his early work with the Fascinators.


    Songs :

    Tony Richards & The Twilights (5)

     Please Believe In Me                                    Paper Boy      

    Tony Richards

    Shout My Name                                Summer Is Coming


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