•  Top : Ed Anderson, Wallace Rose & Bob White - Bottom :John Davis, Larry Hinkson & Teddy Santos

    The Love Notes (2) (Roxbury, Boston, Ma.)
    aka Jan Strickland & The Shadows (2)


    Personnel :

    Bob White (Tenor Lead)

    Teddy Santos (Tenor)

    John Davis (Second Tenor/Bass)

    Ed Anderson (Bass)

    Wallace Rose (Baritone)

    Larry Hinkson (Piano)


    Discography :

    The Love Notes (2)

    Eps :
    1953 - Crawlin / You're Mine (Family Library 1040/ Tivoli 1040)
    4 Other songs by Ronald Gill,  Nats Walker Ork. & Margie Anderson
    1953 - Let Me Go Home Whiskey / I Cross My Heart (Wallace Rose)/
    My Kind Of Woman (Clarence Johnson & Ed Anderson) (Tivoli 1041)
    3 Other songs by Naomi Lewis & Paul Robinson

    Singles :
    1953 - Surrender Your Heart / Get On My Train (Imperial 5254)
    1954 - Sweet Lulu / I'm Sorry (Riviera 970/Rainbow 266)
    1954 - Since I Fell For You / Don't Be No Fool (Riviera 975)

    Unreleased :
    1954 - Star Of Love
    1954 - It's So Good 

    1954 - Baby Stop Your Crying
    1954 - The Nearness Of You
    1954 - Ting-A-Ling

    Jan Strickland & The Shadows (2)
    1955 - When Peter Walked On Water / Love Me Baby (Hub 556)


    Biography :

    This Love Notes  are not the same group as the Love Notes who charted the doo wop classic "United" in 1957.  Originating from Roxbury, MA, The Love Notes comprising Bob White (tenor lead), Walter Taylor (tenor), John Davis (second tenor and bass), Buddy Holt (baritone and second lead), and Wallace Rose (baritone). Late in 1952, Buddy Holt was replaced by bass Ed Anderson, and Walter Taylor was replaced by tenor Teddy Santos.

    The Love Notes in Studio (1953/54)

    The Love Notes began as cover artists who remade popular songs for budget labels such as Tivoli and Family Library of Recorded Music. These budget LPs and EPs, most famously (and prodigiously) produced by the Tops label, are a largely unappreciated repository of interesting music. The Love Notes cut some covers of such songs as the Clovers' "Ting a Ling" and Amos Milburn's "Let Me Go Home Whiskey ».

                                                                                                                       Pianist Larry Hinkson
    The Love Notes' closest brush with success came when the Imperial label leased two songs, "Surrender Your Heart" (a slow piano ballad) and "Get Off My Train," for a single that reportedly was a good regional seller, but nonetheless failed to secure a contract with Imperial. In 1954, they cut two records on Rainbow's Riviera subsidiary owned by Eddie Heller who did well locally. Finally, the group backed bass singer Jan Strickland on on "Love Me Baby" and "Peter"as the Shadows. The Love Notes were smoother than many of the vocal groups that attained greater heights.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Love Notes (2)

    ‪Baby Stop Your Crying / The Nearness Of You‬    It's So Good / Star Of Love / Ting-A-Ling

    Surrender Your Heart             Get On My Train                Sweet Lulu

    I'm Sorry                     Since I Fell For You                   Don't Be No Fool

    Let Me Go Have Whiskey        Crawling / You're Mine

    Jan Strickland & The Shadows (2)

    When Peter Walked On Water / Love Me Baby        Love Me Baby (Alt.)

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