• The Versatones (1)
    1962 - (clockwise from top) : Fannie Henderson, Beatrice Johnson, John"Wes"Hayes, Bernard Harris & Maurice Hayes


    The Coeds (1) (Philadelphia, PA)
    aka The Co-Eds (2)

    Peronnel :

    John"Wes"Hayes (Baritone)

    Bernard Harris (Tenor)

    Beatrice Johnson (Second Soprano/Alto)

    Fannie Henderson (First Soprano)

    Barge Hammond (Bass)

    Jeanette Taylor (First Soprano/ Lead)

    Discography :

    The Coeds (1)
    1957 - Big Chief / Juke Box! (Swan 4004)
    1958 - Big Chief / Juke Box! (Cameo 3129)
    1958 - La La (Lessons Of The Cha Cha Cha) / Juke Box!(Cameo 134)

    John Zacherle bb The Coeds (1)
    1958 - I Was A Teen-Age Caveman / Dummy Doll (no group) (Cameo 145)

    Cozy Morley bb The Coeds (1)
    1958 - As We're Happy Tonight / I Chicken Out (Cameo 147)

    Charlie Gracie bb The Coeds (1)
    1958 - Dressin' Up / Crazy Girl (no group) (Cameo 127)

    The Co-Eds (2)
    1961 - Time After Time / To Be Or Not To Be (Sheryl 337)

    Biography :

    John"Wes"Hayes & Bernard Harris were members of the Dreams, who in 1957 had morphed into Kenny Esquire & The Starlites. Following their dissolution, Wes Rounded up Bernard and other lifelong friends from the neighborhood to form the Coeds. The Group make appearances all over the area. The Coeds consisted of John"Wes"Hayes (Baritone), Bernard Harris (Tenor), Beatrice Johnson (Second Soprano/Alto), Fannie Henderson (First Soprano), Barge Hammond (Bass) and Jeanette Taylor (First Soprano/ Lead).

    The Versatones (1) 
    1958 - (top L to R) : B. Harris, B. Hammond, J.Hayes  (Top Down - Girls) J. Taylor, F. Henderson, B.Johnson,

    All this practice and rehearsal inspired their manager David King to ferry his charges downtown to Bernie Lowe and Kal Mann's merging shrine, Cameo records, then perched at 360 South Broad Street. The Poohabahs were duly impressed, thus aranging sessions at Reco-Arts  in mis 1958 where the sextet etched three sides, two of which were, well, lackluster, to put it kindly, "Juke Box" a sublimely silly sketch, matched with "(Lessons Of The Cha Cha Cha) "were tepid tunes hardly worthy of the intricate harmonies which were by now inbred in each and very Coed. "Big Chief " was their particular favorite. Thereafter, the Coeds began 1958 on Safari and on Cameo promoting the dickens out of their first release "Big Chief" b/w "Juke Box!" in the early spring.

    The Versatones (1)  The Versatones (1)
    1959 - (L to R) : Beatrice .Jonhson, Fannie Henderson, Jeanette Taylor, & John"Wes"Hayes

    A couple months scudded by which saw Lowe and Mann issue "La La (Lessons Of The Cha Cha Cha)" once again, but this time paired with " Juke Box". At Cameo Records, they make plenty of Studio background work. The Coeds backing John Zacherle, Cozy Morley and Charlie Gracie. Despite the fact they had no new recording, The Coeds, now tabbed as John Hayes and the passions, dropped in at bistrosfrom time to time during relatively period, recording wise, of 1959-62.

    The Versatones (1)  The Versatones (1)
    1959 - (top L to R) :Barge Hammond & John"Wes"Hayes  (Bottom L to R) J. Taylor, B.Johnson & F. Henderson

    in 1961, David King marched his troupe into Harold B. Robinson's studio located at 6600 North Broad Street. Jeanette Taylor  led both cuts "Time After Time" and "To Be Or Not To Be". The Single  will be released in August 1961 as the Co-eds (new spelling). Beatrice Johnson, Fannie Henderson, Bernard Harris and Wes Hayes accompanied by a bevy of musicians, circulated for many years under tha new monicker, John hayes and the Passions. Though they never rrecorded again, they weren't  lollygagging.

    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 


    The Coeds (1)

    Big Chief                                       Juke Box!

    La La

    The Co-Eds (2)

    Time After Time                         To Be Or Not To Be


    John Zacherle bb The Coeds (1)

    I Was A Teen-Age Caveman  


    Charlie Gracie bb The Coeds (1)

    Dressin' Up


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