• The Coeds (3)  

    The Coeds (3) (Troy, Alabama)


    Personnel :

    Tommy Fowler (Bariton)

    Elbert Schory (Tenor)

    Carole Weeks

    Joyce Grissett


    Discography :

    1959 - My Pretty Baby / My Love For You (Reed 1038)


    Biography :

    The Coeds were a recording group from Troy State College, Troy, Ala. They were composed of Tommy Fowler, from Luverne, Carole Weeks, from Lake City, Fla., Joyce Grissett from Mobile, and Elbert Schory, from Ft. Myers, Fla..  The Coeds were formed July 14, 1959, when they appeared at a talent show at Troy High School. Fowler and Schory joined forces early in June and began writing songs. Fowler writes the lyrics and Schory writes the music for the Coeds. They started writing songs as a hobby, but when students at the college heard the songs, they encouraged the boys to record them.

    The Coeds (3)    The Coeds (3)

    Fired with the idea of making a record Fowler contacted several recording companies in the area and set a date with  Artist Recording Company in Birmingham. With a recording contract in sight, Fowler and Schory teamed up with two youne ladies, Miss Carole Weeks and Miss Joyce Grissett to form  the vocal group called the Coeds. Since then, the Coeds  have sung over radio and have appeared in several talent and variety shows in the Troy area. On October 17, the Coeds have recorded their first record with Artist on the Reed Label.  The record, entitled "My Pretty Baby", sung by Tommy  Fowler, and "My Love For You", sung by Elbert Schory, was released to the public on December 14, 1959.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Tommy Fowler & The Coeds (3)         Elbert Schory & The Coeds (3)

    My Pretty Baby                          My Love For You

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