• The Pelicans (1)  aka The Kidds (1)

    The Pelicans (1)  (New Orleans)
    aka The Kidds (1)


    Personnel :

    Walter Lewis

    Willie Hannah

    Carl Ledbetter

    Wardell Brown


    Discography :

    The Pelicans (1)
    Single :
    1954 - Chimes / Ain't Gonna Do It (Imperial 5307)
    Unreleased :
    1954 - Miss Lucy (Imperial)
    1954 - Down In Mexico ((Imperial)

    The Kidds (1)
    1955 - I Won't Be Back / You Broke My Heart (Post 2003)
    1955 - Drunk, Drunk, Drunk / Are You Forgetting Me (Imperial 5335)

    Wee Willie Wayne bb The Kidds (1) (Uncredited)
    1955 - I Remember / Travelin' Mood (Solo) (Imperial 5355)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from New Orleans, The Group consisted of Walter Lewis, Willie Hannah, Carl Ledbetter and Wardell Brown. Their tracks were from a session of eight songs (IM-755 to IM-762) recorded by The Pelicans in Los Angeles on August 20 1954 . Tracks were released variously as by the Pelicans or as by The Kidds but they were the same group.


    Songs :

    The Kidds (1)

     You Broke My Heart / I Won't Be Back            Drunk, Drunk, Drunk / Are You Forgetting Me

    The Pelicans (1)

    Chimes / Ain't Gonna Do It                          Miss Lucy           

    Down In Mexico

    Wee Willie Wayne bb The Kidds (1) (Uncredited)

    I Remember / Travelin' Mood (Solo)

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