• (L to R) Charles Woodridge, Charles Perry, Andrew Thomas, Carlton Black & Arthur Cox

    The Duvals (5) (Evanston, IL.)
    aka The Naturals (6)


    Personnel :

    Charles Perry (Lead)

    Carlton Black (First Tenor)

    Charles Woodridge (Second Tenor)

    Arthur Cox (Baritone)

    Andrew Thomas (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Duvals (5)
    1963 - What Am I? / Cotton (Boss 217/Red Rocket 471)

    The Naturals (6)
    1964 - Let Love Be True / Three Banditos (Smash 1875)

    Biography :

    The group was formed by tenor and lead Charles Perry from among his friends in Evanston when he got out of the air force in the summer of 1961. Originally the other members consisted of second tenor Charles Woodridge, baritone Arthur Cox, and bass Andrew Thomas.  In early 1962 Perry felt the group needed another member and added Carlton Black, who soon proved himself as the group's lead and principal songwriter. The Duvals recorded "What Am I?" b/w "Cotton" in 1963. During 1964 the Duvals, under the name Naturals and with Black as Lead, got on the local charts with an Impressions' soundalike, "Let Love Be True." They disbanded in 1965 when follow-ups failed.


    Songs :

    The Duvals (5)

    Cotton                                         What Am I?

    The Naturals (6)

    Let Love Be True                               Three Banditos


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