• Jerry brown, Frank Cole, Jay Ramsey and Bob Kelly

    The Expressions (2) (Dallas,Texas)
    aka  Jay Ramsey & The Contempos


    Personnel :

    Jay Ramsey (Lead)

    Jerry Brown

    Frank Cole

    Bob Kelly

    Discography :

    Jay Ramsey & The Contempos
    1962 - Look Away Love / Smooth Talkin Woman (Libra 1001)

    The Expressions (2)
    1963 - Come Back Karen / Thrill (Smash 1848)
    1965 - One Plus One / Playboy (Reprise 0360)

    Jay Ramsey bb The Expressions (2)
    Unreleased :
    1965 - Lonely Girl
    1965 - Gotta Keep Movin

    Biography :

    Bob Kelly  already had his own recording studio and In 1962, three guys came into the studio , Jerry Brown, piano player and singer, Jay Ramsey, guitar player, singer, and songwriter and Frank Cole, sax, guitar, bass and singer. Bob Kelly decided to record them and put out a record locally to see if it would do anything. "Smooth Talkin' Woman" b/w "Look Away Love" on Libra Records as Jay Ramsey & The Contempos.

    1962, Jay Ramsey, Jerry brown, Frank Cole and Bob Kelly

    Success locally was mediocre he couldn't get a national record release. Then, Bob asked them if they would like to form a group with him.  So they recorded some songs Jay singing lead, and Jerry, Frank, and Bob singing background. With slightly more success, Bob got a record leasing deal with Smash Records, a subsidiary of Mercury Records. "Thrill" b/w "Come Back Karen," published by Little Star.


    They got a Best Bets in Cashbox as good as you could get at the time for a rating. Lots of airplay and sales locally, but still only moderate success nationally. It was a one-record-lease deal, so back to the drawing board.The Expressions started touring all over the country in Sept 1964 and kept going for the next sixteen years! In 1965, they were signed by Sinatra's Reprise Records and cut "One Plus One" b/w "Playboy".

    Songs :

    The Expressions (2)

    Come Back Karen                    One Plus One                       Thrill

    Jay Ramsey The Expressions (2)

    Lonely Girl                                      Gotta Keep Movin



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