• The Du-Ettes (1) (
    The Du-Ettes & The Vanguards

    The Du-Ettes (1) (Seattle, Washington)

    Personnel :

    Bonnie Dee Sloan

    Annie Laurie Sloan

    Discography :

    The Du-Ettes (1)
    1960 - Neither You Nor I / Blue Point Drive (Jimmy Phelps) (Mecca 5-6)

    The Du-Ettes (1) With The Vanguards
    1960 - Donny / Wild (The Vanguards) (Mecca LB 2422/23)


    Biography :

    The Du-ettes,  Bonnie and Annnie Sloan, teenage daughters of longtime Seattle songsmith, Sterling "Bud" Sloan, owner of Mecca Records (920 3rd Avenue Seattle, Washington). In February 1960, they recorded "Neither You Nor I" backed with  "Blue Point Drive" by Jimmy Phelps . For their second single, the Du-ettes added the Vanguards, an instrumental group they performed at teen dances with and recorded “Donny”. The flip, “Wild” is an instrumental by the Vanguards.


    The Du-Ettes (1) (   The Du-Ettes (1) (

    Songs :



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