• The Charmettes (4)
    Susan Meriwhether, Radean Martin and Radean Martin

    The Charmettes (4)  (Columbus, Georgia)


    Personnel :

    Sharilyn Martin

    Radean Martin

    Susan Meriwhether


    Discography :

    The Charmettes (4)
    1960 - Deeds To My Heart / I Love You to the Ninth Degree (Mona KB-553)

    John Shur & The Charmettes (4)
    1962 - I Got Caught In The Washing Machine / Mashed Potato Sue (Caricature 104)

    The Charmettes (4)

    Tony D'Angelo & The Charmettes (4)
    1962 - Walkin / Hopeless (Teal 1808)


    Biography :

    In 1960, The Charmettes recorded for Mona Records the sides "The Deeds To My Heart" and "I Love You To The Nith Degree". In 1960, local newspaper write : Five Columbus performers, two male singers and a Girl trio were signed to recording contracts by Outer Space Products, inc. to record on the Autograph Records Label. Norris Peed, Executine vice president of Outer Space Products signed singers John Shur, Tony D'Angelo and The Charmettes,

    The Charmettes (4)   The Charmettes (4)
    From top : Tony D'Angelo, John Shur & the Charmettes signing the contract.                                           John Shur                         

    Susan Meriwhether, Radean Martin and Radean Martin. The signing took place at the home of Lucky McDaniel who is also an executive vice president of the firm.  In 1962 the Charmettes backed John Shur on his sides "I Got Caught In The Washing Machine" and "I'm Gonna Twist All Night!/Mashed Potato Sue", and Tony D'Angelo (who have previously recorded under the name of Saladin) on his Teal Records Sides "Walkin" and "Hopeless"

    Songs :

    The Charmettes (4)

    Deeds To My Heart

    John Shur & The Charmettes (4)

    I Got Caught In The Washing Machine

    Tony D'Angelo & The Charmettes (4)

    Walkin                                          Hopeless


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