• The Fabulous Dials (Philadelphia)
    aka The Dials (1)

    Personnel :

    Ray Eskridge

    Michael Franklin

    Eddie Smith

    James Tindal

    Discography :

    The Fabulous Dials
    1963 - Forget Me Not / Bossa Nova Stomp (Joy 276/D'nB' 1000)

    The Dials (1) (Franklin & Tindal)
    1961 - No Hard Feelings / Win Yourself A Lover (Hilltop 219)
    1961 - Wondering About Your Love / Sorrento (Hilltop 2009)   
    1961 - School Bells Are Ringing / Ring Ting-A-Ling (Hilltop 2010)

    Lee Johnson bb The Dials (1)
    1961 - You love Billy / Get Goin (Arnold 105)

    Biography :

    The Fabulous Dials who had their shot of Glory with "Bossa Nova Stomp" in early 63.


    Ray Eskridge, Michael Franklin, Eddie Smith and James Tindal came from Paoli on the Outskirts of Philly and can perhaps count themselves lucky to even have got a Uk release in view of sales being restricted to the immediate Philadelphia Aera.


    Both sides of this 45 were written by Dollee Escourt, who also wrote The Conservative by the Orlons. This was a 2nd issue on Joy, first issued on D 'n' B #1000. Franklin and Tindal were in The Dials on Hilltop, who did "No Hard Feelings," among others, most notably "School Bells Are Ringing."

    Songs :

    The Fabulous Dials

    Forget Me Not                             Bossa Nova Stomp

    The Dials (1)

    No Hard Feelings           School Bells Are Ringing       Wondering About Your Love



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