• The Veneers Aka The Chantels   (Clockwise from Top) : Annette Swinson Smith, Valerie Swinson, Barbara Joyner & Lorraine Joyner

    Eddie Jones & The Cashmeres (4)  (Bronx, New York)

    aka The Veneers
    aka The Relatives (3)

    Ref: The Chantels
    Ref: The Swensons


    Personnel :

    Annette Swinson Smith

    Valerie Swinson

    Barbara Joyner

    Lorraine Joyner


    Discography :

    The Swensons
    1956 - Remember Me To My Darling / Golly Boo (X-Tra 100 )

    Eddie Jones & The Cashmeres (4)
    1959 - Daddy Can I Go To The Hop (Red Lightnin' 0059)

    The Veneers
    1960 - Believe Me (My angel) / I (Princeton 102)
    1963 - With All My Love / Recipe Of Love (Treyco 402)

    The Chantels
    1961 - Believe Me (My angel) / I (End 1103)

    The Relatives (3)
    Singles :
    1963 - (My Heart Goes) Zigga Zagga Zoom / I'm Just Looking For Love (Almont 303)
    1964 - Never Will I Love You Again / I'm Just Looking For Love (Almont 306)
    1965 - Hadn't Been For Baby / Eternally (Musicor 1063)
    Unreleased :
    1965 - A Change Of Heart (Musicor)


    Biography :

    The Veneers came from Manhattan and from Brooklyn, in New York City. Sisters, Lorraine and Barbara Joyner joined their cousins, Valerie and Annette Swinson, to sing in the park, for fun, and at family functions. The young teens did began getting the attention of the local songwriters who were looking for  artists to record their material. As The Swensons (sic), Annette and her mother recorded one single for X-Tra Records in 1956, entitled, “Remember Me To My Darling”.  In 1959, the quartet, now known as The Cashmeres, went into the studio with Eddie Jones ( former lead singer of The Demens & the Emersons) to record a novelty tune called, “Daddy Can I Go To The Hop”. Herb Abramson, founder of Jubilee and Atlantic Records, produced the single. Unfortunately, the single was not released.

    The Veneers Aka The Chantels      The Veneers Aka The Chantels   

    Richard Barrett                                                                       

    In 1960, The Cashmeres had signed on to be produced and managed by Richard Barrett. He had written two songs for the group, “Believe Me (My Angel)” and “I”. At this time, the young ladies decided to change their name because they found that too many groups had already recorded under the name “Cashmeres”. They Choose the name "Veneers". Two songs were recorded and released on Barrett's short-lived Princeton Records. The record achieved a level of success in New York, but failed to chart nationally. Their release went unnoticed but it helped Barrett solve his Chantels problem by matching Veneers lead singer Annette Swinson  with the three remaining Chantels, Sonia, Jackie, and Rene.  In April 1960, still trying to capitalize on the group’s name, End released “Whoever You Are,” formerly the B side of “Every Night”; it had all the original Chantels magic but still lacked the driving commitment of the label.

    The Veneers Aka The Chantels
    The Chantels on Carlton with Annette Swinson Smith

     Although The Veneers were not entirely happy about this change of plans, they knew that they could not stop Annette, who needed to be out on the stage. In 1961, she officially joined The Chantels. End 1103* was a reissue of a 1959 recording by The Veneers, with Annette Smith on lead, on Princeton 102. The Veneers, without Annette, recorded as The Relatives for the Canadian- American related Almont Records, with Lorraine taking the lead for “(My Heart Goes) Ziga Ziga Zoom” in 1963 and “Never Will I Love You Again”, released in 1964.   In 1965 Barbara, Lorraine and Valerie recorded three songs for the Musicor label before they went their separate ways.

    Songs :

    The Swensons

    Remember Me To My Darling                             Golly Boo

    Eddie Jones & The Cashmeres (4)

    Daddy Can I Go To The Hop

    The Veneers

    Believe Me (My angel)                    I                                Recipe Of Love

    The Relatives (3)

    Never Will I Love You Again      (My Heart Goes) Zigga Zigga Zoom    I'm Just Looking For Love

    Hadn't Been For Baby / Eternally          A Change Of Heart


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