• Dick Watson & The Crescents (6) aka Dick Watson Five
    Front from left; Alan Hecht and Paul Vanderbeck. Back from left; Sal Rizzo, George Perrotta and Dick Watson.

    Dick Watson & The Crescents (6) (Bergenfield, N.J.)
    aka Dick Watson Five


    Personnel :

    Dick Watson (Lead Singer and Guitar)

    Alan Hecht (Vocal & Sax)

    George Perrotta (Vocal & Bass)

    Sal Rizzo (Drums)

    Paul Vanderbeck (Vocal & Guitar)


    Discography :

    Dick Watson & The Crescents (6)
    1963 - Groovy / Be On The Lookout For The Woman (Gone 5144)

    Dick Watson Five
    1964 - Talkin" Bout Sue / I'll Make It Up Some Other Way (United International 1008)


    Biography :

    Vocal & Instrumental group from Bergenfield, N.J. consisted of Dick Watson (Lead Singer and Guitar), Alan Hecht (Vocal & Sax), George Perrotta (Vocal & Bass), Sal Rizzo (Drums) and Paul Vanderbeck (Vocal & Guitar). The group recorded "Groovy" and "Be On The Lookout For The Woman" in the Allegro Sound Studio in the basement of the Roulette Records building at 1650 broadway New York, New York in about March of 1963. There were 3 different labels on this record, and 3 pressing runs of this record. the first label said "disc jockey copy" with Dick Watson & The Crescents in lightweight type. the second was Dick Watson & The Crescents "disc jockey copy" in heavyweight type, and the third said only Dick Watson radio station copy in heavyweight bold type. The Crescents appearance on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour April 29th 1962. The following year, Herb Bienvecht replaced Sal Rizzo & the group recorded "Talkin" Bout Sue " b/w "I'll Make It Up Some Other Way" again in the Allegro Sound Studio. The single will be released on united international 1008 as the Dick Watson Five. They are not related with the Dick Watson 5 who recorded an album called "Baker Street".


    Songs :

    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Dick Watson & The Crescents (6)

                         Groovy                         Be On The Lookout For The Woman
    Dick Watson Five

              Talkin" Bout Sue                    I'll Make It Up Some Other Way


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