• The Delacardos (Charlotte, NC)

    Personnel :

    Harold Ford

    Vernon Hill

    Robert Gates

    Chris Harris

    Discography :

    1959 - Letter to a Schoolgirl / I'll Never Let You Down (Elgey 1001)
    1961 - I Got It / Thing-A-Ma-Jig  (UA 276)
    1961 - Mr Dillon / Hold Back The Tears (UA 330)
    1961 - Dream Girl / I Just Want To Know (Shell 308)
    1962 - Girl-Girl / Love Is The Greatest Thing (Shell 311)
    1963 - On The Beach / Everybody's Rocking (Imperial 5992)
    1966 - She's the One I Love / Got No One (Atlantic 2368)
    1966 - I Know I'm Not Much / You Don't Have To See Me (Atlantic 2389)
    1967 - They Put A Spell On You / A Fool For You (Atlantic 2419)

    Biography :

    This United Artist recording group originated about three years ago in Charlotte, NC The group consists of nine men — four singers and five musicians. The vocalists are: Harold Ford, Vernon Hill, Robert Gates and Christoper Harris. The musicians are: Jeremiah Shepherd, Luther Maxwell,allas Steele, Timothy Donald and James Knight.

    The group was formed in their early years of high school. They were given the name "The Delacardos" by a Spanish teacher and the literal translation means "light of heart."The boys became a popular attraction at private parties and high school functions.  This led to a tour of the college circuit and various rock and roil shows.

    The Delacardos' hit disk on UA, "Hold Back the Tears," is currently making a steady climb on the Hot 100.
    (Billboard - 10 juil. 1961)


    Songs :

    Letter To A School Girl          I'll Never Let You Down         Hold Back The Tears

     I Just Want To Know           She's the One I Love                  Got No One

    I Know I'm Not Much       They Put A Spell On You             A Fool For You





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