• The Techniques (Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA)

    Personnel :

    Buddy Harold (Lead)

    Jim Tinney (First Tenor)

    Jim Moore (Bass)

    Jin Falin (Baritone)

    Discography :

    1957 - Hey! Little Girl / In a round abut way (Stars 551 / Roulette 4030)
    1958 - Let her go / Marindy (Roulette 4048)
    1958 - Moon tan / The Wisest Man in Town (Roulette 4097)

    Biography :

    Jim Tinney, Jim Moore, Jin Falin and Buddy Harold While attending Georgia Tech University in Atlanta. The boys were members of the Ga. Tech Glee Club and decided to try their luck as a quartet, and were noticed by Atlanta record Tycon Bill Lowery who produced Gene Vincent's Be Bop a Lula,  Ric Cartney's Young Love, Sonny James, Little Richard...


    Lowery produced a session with the techniques, with back up musicians Ray Stevens, Jerry Reed, Joe South and Chet Atkins…. Their first release on Lowery's star label was a big hit and for more distribution Lowery had roulette records to release it on its label.


    In 1957 "hey little girl" would become on of the top hits of 1957.  Charted at #29 on Billboard Hot 100 in November. The only Billboard chart entry for the group.


    Original Billboard review: "Listenable outing on a pretty, medium-beat ballad. Good vocal work by the group with nice backing makes the side one to watch." Billboard rating: 75 out of 100. Written by Buddy Funk. B-side is "In a Roundabout Way".

    Songs :
     (By Hans-Joachim)

    (Why Did I Ever) Let Her Go                     Hey! Little Girl

    Marindy                                        The Wisest Man You Know

    Moon Tan                                     In A Round About Way




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