The Invictors (2) (Atlanta, GA)


    Personnel :

    Levi (Tony) Moon (Lead)






    Discography :

    The Invictors (2)
    1962 - This Thing Called Love / The Wiggle (TPE 8217)
    1962 – Don’t Take My Love / Babalonian (TPE 8219)
    1963 - Where All Lovers Meet / That's All Right (TPE 8221)
    1963 - I Took A Chance/ Put Her Down (TPE 8223)

    The New Invictors
    1963 - Deeply In Love With You / She Wouldn't Quit It (Hale 500)


    Biography :

    Little information to date on this excellent group. Vocal group from Atlanta composed by lead singer Levi (Tony) Moon, Tommy, Chat, Bill & Eddie. Between 1962 and 1963 TPE records based in Atlanta released four singles by the Invictors.


    In 1963 Hale records, also based in Atlanta released another single from the group as The New Invictors. All the songs of the five singles were composed by Levi (Tony) Moon


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Invictors (2)

    This Thing Called Love                              The Wiggle         

                  Don’t Take My Love           Where All Lovers Meet / That's All Right

     I Took A Chance/ Put Her Down                          Babalonian                 


    The New Invictors

    Deeply In Love With You                       She Wouldn't Quit It  


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