• Gino & The Barons (5)
    Seated  : Gino Custode , Richard Larson (Manager) - Standing : George Cranden. Kenneth Parsons & Lee Parker

    Gino & The Barons (5) (Woodbridge, N.J.)

    Personnel :

    Gino Custode (Lead)

    Kenneth Parsons

    Lee Parker

    George Cranden


    1959 - Peggy / Pretty Lu (Larsen 100)


    Biography :

    Gino Custode Is the group’s organiser and the lead singer. Kenneth Parsons, Lee Parker and George Cranden are the other members of The Barons and Richard Larson of Bergenfield Is the boy’s manager.  The boys, all of whom are 16 years of age, have only been practising together four months. They have sung at several Friday hight teen dances In the Township, and are slated to appear at School 19, Menlo Park Terrace, and have already sung at the School dances In Colonia. In Early December 1959, The Four teen­agers re­corded two songs In Newark. The next week they picked up the 1000 copies of the disc which they must plug and sell them­ selves. Gino Custode composed “Peggy,” a cha-cha with he composed himself. On the reverse side is “Pretty Lou,” a jitter-bug number by professionals, Irv Decker and Luclle Hobbs.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Peggy                                                    Pretty Lu


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