• The Coeds (2) (Los Angeles)

    aka The Blossons
    aka The Dreamers (3)
    aka The Playgirls (1)
    aka The Rollettes 
    aka The Angels (4)
    aka The Girlfriends (3)
     Ref Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans



    Gloria Jones (Tenor)

    Fanita James (Baritone)


    Discography :

    1961 -  Son In-Law / I'll Wait (Challenge 9109)


    Biography :

    In 1961, the Blossoms signed with Challenge Records. The group was a trio by this time, Darlene, Gloria and Fanita. Unfortunately, the ladies were already running into problems at the new label. Gloria remembers how this chain of events sent everyone scrambling,  “We were all set for our first session for Challenge. Darlene had fought with her husband that morning and he wouldn't let her go to the session, so we had to get someone to take her place.

    Fanita James  &  Gloria Jones                                                                                           

    For the life of me, I can't remember the girl's name who sang lead on the song, but it became a hit. The unknown singer is rumored to be Jennell Hawkins,  but the lead does not sound like her. The Blossoms, with the “unknown” singer on lead had a mild hit with their first Challenge single, an answer record to Ernie-K-Doe's “Mother In-Law” aptly entitled “Son In-Law”. Ironically, the single wasn't even supposed to be a Blossoms single, as original pressings have the group billed as the Coeds.
    Girl Groups: Fabulous Females Who Rocked the World Paperback by John Clemente

    Songs :

    Son-In-Law                                        I'll Wait      


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