• The Earthquakes (Detroit)


    Personnel :

    Armond Abney "Armando King" (First Tenor/Lead/Guitar)

    Butler Abney (Second Tenor/Lead)

    Cliff Lance (Second Tenor/Lead)

    Butler Abney Sr. (Bass)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    The Earthquakes
    1959 - Darling, Be Mine / Bashful Guy (Fortune 534)
    1960 - This Is Really Real / Crazy Bop (Fortune 538)

    Tino Cairo & The Earthquakes
    1961 - Love In Portofino / Wow Baby Sitter (Hi-Q 5020)

    Armando King & The Earthquakes
    1962 - Baby Only You / Look What You've Done (Fortune 549)

    Unreleased :
    N/A - Come Back
    N/A - Mirror, Mirror
    N/A - Hard Times
    N/A - Uncle Jingle Bob


    Biography :

    The Earthquakes, a Detroit vocal group began recording in the 50's on Fortune Records. Their first release in 1959 was "Darling Be Mine" b/w "Bashful Guy" on Fortune 534 . The quartet consisted of three brothers and a father. Lead vocals and guitar were handled by First Tenor lead, Armond Abney, Second Tenor Lead, Butler Abney, Bass Butler Abney Sr. and Cliff Lance, Second Tenor Lead.  Originally the group was the Orbits, that contained the present group with brother Melvin Gatewood, singing bass. When Melvin joined the Armed Forces, his duties were taken over by their father, Butler Abney Sr. The Earthquakes were Devora Brown's replacement to her group of Nolan Strong and the Diablos. Armond's first tenor lead is reminiscent of Nolan's tenor styling. The Earthquakes second recording was "This is Really Real" b/w "Crazy Bop", followed by "Look What You've Done" b/w "Baby Only".

    Songs :

    The Earthquakes

    Darling, Be Mine                                Bashful Guy   

    This Is Really Real                                   Crazy Bop       

    Armando King & The Earthquakes

    Look What You've Done                             Baby Only You         



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