• The Sliders (1)
    Byron Gibson

    The Sliders (1) (Los Angeles, CA)


    Personnel :

    Byron Gibson JR. (Lead)

    Judge Dennis

    Eugene Jackson

    Clarence Alexander (Bass)

    Leo Alexander (Tenor)

    Discography :

    The Sliders (1) as The Pharaohs
    Unreleased :
    1956 - My Little Girl (Specialty)

    Byron "Slick" Gipson & The Sliders (1)
    Single :
    1956 - The One I Love / Honey-Dew (Specialty 566)
    Unreleased :
    1956 - I Want 'Cha Baby (Specialty)

    "Flick" Gipson & The Sliders (1)   
    1956 - Footloose And Fancy-Free / Etta Mae (Specialty 587)

    The Sliders (1)
    1958 - There Is a Great Big Moon / Love Is Like a Mountain (Chevron 750)

    Johnny Two-Voice bb The Sliders (1) (Uncredited)
    1958 - You And Your Lovin' Ways / Comin' Around The Mountain (Specialty 676)
    1959 - Superman  / You Done Gone (Specialty 685)

    Biography :

    Byron "Slick" Gipson & The Sliders (1) were also known as The Pharaohs "I Want 'Cha Baby" was done at Master Recorders On December 7, 1955 and never released (although this session did produce a couple of singles by the young group). The Sliders / Pharaohs were Byron Gibson JR., Judge Dennis, Eugene Jackson, Clarence Alexander & Leo Alexander. Bumps Blackwell’s combo instrumentally Backed their vocals. The Sliders cut two single for Specialty before Byron Gibson joins a group called Freddie Tieken & the Rockers with which he will record some singles under the name of Wild Child Gipson.

    The Sliders (1)
    Wild Child Gipson & The Rockers

    From there The Sliders needed a lead singer and Vernon Garrett joined the group . Joe Gordon and Patricia Slater replace Judge Dennis and Eugene Jackson in the group. The Sliders became a very well known group in L.A. along with the Hollywood Flames, The Penguins, The Fortunes and other groups. They recorded "Love is Like a Mountain" (Vocal Joe Gordon) b/w "There Is a Great Big Moon" (Vocal Vernon Garrett) for George Garabinia.

    The Sliders (1)   The Sliders (1)
                                                                                                               Johnny Morissette (Johnny Two-Voice)

    In 1958, Johnny Morissette (Johnny Two-Voice) had managed to secure a contract with Specialty records, and in October the company released "You And Your Lovin' Ways" and "Comin' Around The Mountain" . Art Rupe & Sonny Bono produced the session with H.B. Barnum arranging &  The Sliders (Vernon Garrett, Clarence Alexander, Joe Gordon and Patricia Slater) singing backgrounds. Art Rupe chose to issue the remaining two songs from the initial session two monts later. There were "Superman" coupled with "You Done Gone". In 1959, Gene Mumford hired away Joe Gordon for Billy Ward and The Dominoes. That was the end of the group.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Byron "Slick" Gipson & The Sliders (1)   

    The One I Love / Honey Dew                      I Want 'Cha Baby         

    "Flick" Gipson & The Sliders (1)   

    Footloose And Fancy-Free                               Etta Mae              

    The Sliders (1)

     Love Is Like A Mountain             There's A Great Big Moon Tonight

    Johnny Two-Voice bb The Sliders (1) (Uncredited)

      Superman                                           You Done Gone

    Comin' Around The Mountain              You And Your Lovin' Ways



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