• The Bel-Larks (Syracuse, NY)


    Personnel :

    Roselind Allen (Second Lead / Soprano)

    Robert Reese (Lead/First Tenor)

    Eric Simmons Jr. (Lead/First & Second Tenor)

    Frederick Simmons (Baritone)

    Robbert Baggett (Lead/Bass)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1962 - A Million And One Dreams / Satisfied (Ransom 5001)
    1963 - Get Married In June / A Million And One Dreams (Hammer 6313)

    Unreleased :
    1962 - You're Mine
    1962 - I Believe
    1962 - It Hurt To Be In Love
    1962 - Unchain My Heart  (Allen & Kemp)


    Biography :

    This Group formed in 1958 and consisted of Robert Reese (Lead/First Tenor), Eric Simmons Jr. (Lead/First & Second Tenor), Frederick Simmons (Baritone) and Robbert Baggett (Lead/Bass). They decided to call themselves the "Bell Larks" (later shortened to "Bel-Larks"), imagining  ringing chimes and singing birds. The Bel Larks practiced in the basements of the Simmons' Home singing such as "Only you", "Book Of Love" and "Come Go With Me" . They Also sang few original tunes, including "Bobby" and "Dinner at Baggett's".

    E.Simmons, R. Baggett, R.Reese & F. Simmons

    As the group became more polished, they started performing at local high school dances, parties and neighborhood nursing homes. In the summer of 1959, they asked Roselind Allen to join the group as the Second Lead and Soprano. Roselind had been singing since the age of four or five and at thirteen she formed a group (the Blendtones) with fellow Madison junior high classmates Marie Smith and Geruleve Outley. The gores sang an original song written by Roselind Allen and Marie Smith, entitled "A Million And One Dreams". In August 1960 Robert Reese joined the Navy.


    In 1962, The Bel-Larks hooked up with David Ransom, and he became their Manager. Ransom introduced the group to independent record producer Scott Hilton and Together they booked a recording session for the Bel-Larks at Riposo studios on Warren street in Syracuse. they recorded "A Million And One Dreams" and "You're Mine". A second  recording session was set up at Riposo Studios and the Bel-Larks recorded "Satisfied" along with their original Tune "Get Married In June", "I Believe" and "It Hurt To Be In Love".

    R. Baggett, F.Simmons,R. Allen, R.Reese & E. Simmons

     "A Million And One Dreams" b/w "Satisfied" was released on Ransom Records towards the latter part of 1962 and received airplay on local radio station WNDR. Unfortunately, nothing much happened after the release, But the Bel-Larks continue to perform in the Syracuse Aera….Tragically, on July 29, 1963, 21-year-old David Ransom was in a car accident that led to his death on August 7th. Shortly After Ransom's passing, The Bel-Larks Called to Quit..


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    A Million And One Dreams            Satisfied                  Get Married In June

    You're Mine                             I Believe                      It Hurts To Be In Love




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