• The Blue Notes (2)  (Asheboro in North Carolina )
     aka The Bluenotes (4) aka  The Epidemics  

    Personnel :

    Joe Tanner (gtr)

    Pat Patterson

    Tom Underwood

    Ralph Harrington


    Discography :

    The Blue Notes (2)
    1955 - Christmas Chimes / There'll Always Be a Christmas (Colonial 408)
    1956 - On A Sleepy Sunday Afternoon / Who's Gonna Sing Your Love Songs  (Colonial 409)

    The Bluenotes (4)
    1958 - You're A Tiger / Let Her Know  (Colonial 7779)
    1958 - I Waited   / Never Never Land  (Colonial 9999)
    1959 - I Don't Know What It Is / Summer Love (Brooke 111)
    1959 - You Can't Get Away From Love / I Don't Know What It Is (Brooke 111)
    1960 - I'm Gonna Find Out / Forever On My Mind  (Brooke 116)

    The Bluenotes (4) (Featuring Doug Franklin)
    1957 - Page One / Mighty Low (Colonial 434)

    The Bluenotes (4) (Featuring Ralph Harington)

    1960 - Summer Love / It Had To Be You (Brooke 119)

    Doug Franklin & The Bluenotes (4)
    1958 - My Lucky Love / Drizzlin' Rain  (Colonial 7777)
    1958 - I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now / I Used To Wonder (Colonial 8888)

    Johnny Dee & Bluenotes (4)
    1957 - Teenage Queen / It's Gotta Be You (Colonial 433)
    1957 - 1000 Concrete Blocks / In My Simple Way (Colonial 435)

    Ebe Sneezer (Johnny Dee)  & The Epidemics
    1957 - Asiatic Flu / That's All I've Got (Colonial 436)

    Biography :

    The Bluenotes were a vocal group featuring Tom Underwood, Joe Tanner, Pat Patterson, and Ralph Harrington.  They recorded at Colonial and Brooke Records, two labels of North Carolina. Their first single, Page One/Mighty Low, was released in 1957 on the Colonial label and the last single, It Had To Be You/Summer Love, was released in 1960 on the Brooke label.

    With Ebe Sneezer (Johnny Dee ) &  Cecelia Batten                                                                         

    They also sang on several other records on Colonial with other artists. They had a pop singles chart entry in 1959 with "I Don't Know What It Is."  So, masquerading as Ebe Sneezer with the Epidemics, Johnny Dee recorded the "Asiatic Flu" and "That's All I've Got" with the Bluenotes.
    Joe Tanner had success after the breakup of The Bluenote.

    He worked with Roy Orbison. He also arranged and produced many songs, including In Dreams (Roy Orbison), A Rose and a Baby Ruth (George Hamilton IV), and Sittin' In the Balcony (John D. Loudermilk. He also played guitar on Orbison's hit, Oh, Pretty Woman.

    With Ebe Sneezer (Johnny Dee )

    Songs :

    I Don't Know What It Is                                   Mighty Low         

    Summer Love                                       You're A Tiger





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