•  The Riffs aka The Creations (7) The Creations - ( L to R) : Louie Liguori, Joe LoCicero , Richie Giovelli and Carmine DeSena.

    The Creations (7) (Brooklyn, New York)
    aka The Riffs

    Personnel :

    Joe LoCicero (Lead singer) 

    Richard Giovelli (First Tenor)

    Louie Liguori (Second Tenor)

    Carmine DeSena (Baritone)

    Vinny Tilotta  (Bass)


    The Creations (7)
    1961 - Wake Up In The Morning / Strolling Through The Park (PineCrest 101)
    1961 - My Heart Belongs To Only You  (Gem 102)

    The Riffs
    1964 - Little Girl / Why Are The Nights So Cold (Sunny 22)
    1965 - Tell Tale Friends / Why Are The Nights So Cold (Old Town 1179)
    1978 - Storm / Where There's A Will (Crystal Ball 130)

    Biography :

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Joe LoCicero  started singing at the age of twelve in church choirs. In 1958, Joe LoCicero originated and sang lead in a group entitled "The Creations ».Original members of The Creations 1959 Joe LoCicero, Richie Giovelli, Carmine DeSena, Louie Liguori and Vinny Tilotta (not in photo). They were so young, we needed a Cabaret License, so they only did Church Dances and Confraternities .

     The Riffs aka The Creations (7)

    The Riffs- ( L to R) : Louie Liguori, Joe LoCicero, Joe Nisi , Richie Giovelli and Carmine DeSena.

     They had three recordings at the time, which where, "Wake Up in the Morning", "Strolling Through The Park" on PineCrest and "My Heart Belongs to Only You" on the Gem Label in 1961. In 1963, The Creations changed their name to "The Riffs" under the management of writer and producer, Phil Spina, and new member Jimmy Nisi who replaced Vinny Tilotta.  Their recordings included, "Little Girl", "Why Are The Nights So Cold", "Where There Is A Will There Is Away", "Storm", and "Tell Tale Friends", recorded on New York Labels, Sunny, Old Town, Crystal Ball.  

     The Riffs aka The Creations (7)     The Riffs aka The Creations (7)

                                                                                             The Riffs (1972)

    By 1966 all the members were married and planning families and the group broke up. Later on, they released an LP, "The Riffs Now & Then", which featured all original Riff recordings. Joe Locicero who sings lead on most Riffs songs, sang lead for the Chimes for a couple of years when Lenny Coco was real sick.

    Songs :
    The Creations (7)

    Wake Up In The Morning             Strolling Through The Park

    The Riffs

    Little Girl                  Why Are The Nights So Cold                 Tell Tale Friends

    Storm                               Where There's A Will


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