• The Kings And Queens (Queens, N.Y.)
    aka The Orioles (2) with The DellTones (1) / Ref The Regals (2)


    Personnel :

    Della Simpson (Lead)

    Sonny Til

    Diz Russell

    Jerry Holeman

    Tex Cornelius

    Billy Adams

    Bunny Foy

    Renée Stewart

    Algie Willie


    Discography :

    1957 - Voices Of Love  / I'm So Lonely (Everlast 5003)

    Biography :

    Della Simpson of the Dell Tones had met and befriended the Orioles. In fact, she ended up marrying Paul Griffin, their pianist. (In the late 70s, Sonny Til lived in Della's house for the last two years of his life.) Since the Orioles were into modern harmony, they hit it off with the Delltones.

    Della Griffin, Renee Stewart, Bunny Foy, Billy Adams, Sonny Till, Aaron Cornelius, Jerry Holeman and Albert Russell
    The two groups combined to record "Voices Of Love" and "I'm So Lonely," for Danny Robinson's Everlast label, as the Kings And Queens. Released around June 1957, the personnel consisted of: Sonny Til, Diz Russell, Jerry Holeman, Tex Cornelius, Billy Adams, Della Simpson (who leads both sides), Bunny Foy, Renée Stewart, and Algie Willie (who doesn't appear in the only photo taken of them). This group appeared a couple of times at some New York clubs.



    Songs :

    Voices Of Love  / I'm So Lonely


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