• The Four Flickers aka The Four Counts (4)

     The Four Flickers (Nashville, TN.)
    aka The Four Counts (4)

    Personnel :

    Larry Strzelecki

    Henry P. Strzelecki

    Ray Snider

    Johnny Campbell

    Discography :

    The Four Flickers
    1959 - Is There A Way / Yo Yo (Lee 1002)
    1959 - Aimez-Moi Love Me) / Long Tall Texan (Lee 1003)
    1960 - Aimez-Moi (Love Me) / Is There A Way  (Lee 1006)

    The Four Counts (4)
    1960 - Heavenly / Blue Eyes (Ace 597)

    Biography :

    Birmingham, AL-born Henry Strzelecki (sometimes credited as Henry P. Strzelecki) started out in country music in his teens, recording with songwriter Baker Knight on the Decca label out of Nashville in the mid-'50s. In 1959, he played with his brother Larry along with Ray Snider and Johnny Campbell in a group, the Four Flickers who toured the southern and border states late in the '50s.

    The Four Flickers aka The Four Counts (4)   The Four Flickers aka The Four Counts (4)

    The Four Flickers recorded two singles for Lee records owned by Herb Zebley and Ed Levy and the group became the first to record “Long Tall Texan” wrote by Henry Strezlecki. “Long Tall Texan” was subsequently recorded by Jerry Woodard (1960) and by Murry Kellum (1963), who was the first to make the charts with the tune. The Beach Boys recorded it in 1964, and it became a widely loved song in the group’s repertoire. The Kingsmen also recorded it that year. The Four Flickers changed their name to the Four Counts for their last single in 1960: "Heavenly" b/w "Blue Eyes" on the Ace label.

    The Four Flickers aka The Four Counts (4)         

    He worked with Hank Garland as a bass player in the early '60s, and subsequently worked for Chet Atkins for more than a decade, both in the studio and on tour, which helped move him to the front ranks of Nashville's session players. The list of recordings on which he has worked in the years since -- usually as bassist, but sometimes also as a singer and occasionally on mouth organ, or as a producer -- is prodigious, and encompasses the work of just about every star to come out of Nashville since the early '60s. He also founded a publishing and production company in Nashville that was very active during the 1970s and 1980s, and in 1987 was nominated for Bassman of the Year at the 23rd Academy of Country Music Awards.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Four Flickers

    Is There a Way                                    Yo Yo

    Aimez- Moi (Love Me) / Long Tall Texan

    The Four Counts (4)

     Heavenly                                           Blue Eyes



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