•  The Dynamics (5) Featuring Tony Maresco aka Anthony & The Sophomores (2)

    The Dynamics (5) Featuring Tony Maresco  (Philadelphia)
    aka Anthony & The Sophomores (2)
    ref Tony & The Twiliters (4)

    Personnel :

    Anthony "Tony" Maresco (Lead)

    Ernest Funaro Jr. (First tenor)

    John Donato (Second tenor)

    Anthony Perri (Baritone)

    Discography :

    1962 - Betty My Own / Forever Love (Herald 569)

    Unreleased :
    1958 - And When I'm Near You (Reco-Art)
    1958 - In The Still Of The Night (Reco-Art)
    1959 - I Promise To Remember  (Sound Plus)
    1959 - Gee But I'd Give The World (Sound Plus)

    Biography :

    The street corner music in South Philly in early 1957 was very simple, almost every corner had 4-6 guys harmonizing. On the corner of 20th and Moore, Ernie Funaro, Anthony Perri and John Donato, were no different than the rest. They were raw and had little, if any experience. Anthony Perri - "Perri" to his friends, decided the group needed his 13-year-old cousin Anthony Maresco. Even at this tender age, Tony was a gifted talented singer with a beautiful voice. So was born "Tony & The Teens".

     The Dynamics (5) Featuring Tony Maresco aka Anthony & The Sophomores (2)     

                                                                                               The Dynamics

    It was now 1958 and the group's sound was born. They were curious see how they would sound professionally, so they went into a local studio and recorded two sides; "Zoom" and "In The Still Of The Night". By this time the group took the name Tony & The Dynamics. Soon the group would enter the studio. This time a more professional demo was cut using a full band for back up. "I promise to Remember" and "Gee, But I'd Give the World" was the result.

    Anthony & The Sophomores

    It was at this session that they came to the attention of a songwriter who had written some tunes and his artist backed out of the session. With the tracks already down, the group went to his house to learn the songs. The end result being placed with Herald records in 1959 "Betty My Own" B/W "Forever Love" became the first professional release by the group released under the name Dynamics featuring Tony Maresco. Some internal problems caused Tony Maresco to leave the group. He now formed the Twiliters, and in 1961, Tony & The Twiliters had two releases on Red Top and its subsidiary Jalynne.  Tony and the Dynamics also disbands because John had left the group to meet his military responsibilities. John had now come back from the military and Tony put the original Dynamics group back together and became later Anthony & the Sophomores.

    Songs :

      Betty My Own                         Forever Love                     And When I'm Near You

    I Promise To Remember        Gee But I'd Give The World



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