• The Emperors (3) aka The Emporers
    Ron Treodway, Rich Kenny, Frankie Adams & Mike Grim

    The Emperors (3)  (Columbus, OH)
    aka The Emporers


    Personnel :

    Frankie Adams (Lead)

    Mike Grim

    Ron Treodway

    Rich Kenny


    Discography :

    The Emperors (3)
    1963 - Steve Allen / Darlin' In The Moonlight (Olimpic 245)

    Lattie Moore bb The Emporers
    1962 - Skinnie Minnie Shimmy / You Got Me Woundering (Olimpic 4980)

    Caleb & The Playboys (7) bb The Emporers
    1963 - I'm Yours / See About Me (Olimpic 4575)


    Biography :

    Olimpic records was formed by Nick Kurlas and Phil Gary for releasing records by himself and his group, the Catalinas. Kay-Gee was a 'subsidiary' label of Olimpic. Olimpic assembled a studio group called The Emperors for backing solo artist consisted of Mike Grim, Ron Treodway and Rich Kenny. They back up in 1962 country singer Lattie Moore on their Olympic's as The Emporers.

    The Emperors (3) aka The Emporers
    Mike Grim, Frankie Adams, Ron Treodway and Rich Kenny

    They Joined recording artist Frankie Adams who wrote The "Steve Allen" song and make up the dance to it, everyone knew these talented boys had their own unique style of singing and dancing. (Note on the Olimpic 245)


    Songs :

    The Emperors (3)

          Steve Allen                              Darlin' In The Moonlight

    Lattie Moore bb The Emporers

    Skinnie Minnie Shimmy

    Caleb & The Playboys (7) bb The Emporers

    See About Me                                      I'm Yours    


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