• The Haddock Sisters
    from left, Sue, 13, Bonnie, 18, snd Janice, 16.

    The Haddock Sisters (Hopkinsville, Ky)


    Personnel :

    Sue Haddock

    Bonnie Haddock

    Janice Haddock


    Discography :

    1959 - I'm Gonna Rock Myself To Sleep / Don't Make Me Cry (Holmes 201)


    Biography :

    Their success began at the end of 1958 when their mother, Mrs Haddock an amateur song writer with some 20 titles to her credit, decided she might be able to get some of her work publishing. So she walked into the Chet Atkins Studio in Nashville to see if someone there would look at her work. Chet Atkins in person liked several of them and suggested that she take them to some music publisher. She visited two music publisher, Hal Smith and Jimmy Rich of Gaylord liked the music. They learned Mrs Haddock's daughters are singer and an audition Followed.

    The Haddock Sisters     The Haddock Sisters
                                                                                                       Janice, Sue and Bonnie

    The Girls, Bonnie, 18, Janice, 16 and Sue, 13, recorded in Nashville "I'm Gonna Rock Myself To Sleep" b/w/ Don't Make Me Cry " released on The Holmes Label (both songs are credited to R. Wilson ???).  In May 1959, the girls make their first television appearance in Nashville on the Noel Ball Show and sing their recorded songs. "I'm Gonna Rock Myself To Sleep" became a hit in Hopkinsville.


    Songs :



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