• The Rookies (1)

    The Rookies (1) (Nashville,TN.)


    Personnel :

    Joe Perkins

    Freddie Carpenter "Freddie North"


    Discography :

    Joe Perkins & The Rookies (1)
    1957 - Time Alone Will Tell / Ain’t You Glad Nature Did It (King 5005)
    1957 - How Much Love Can One Love Hold / A New Feeling (King 5030)

    Freddie Carpenter & The Rookies (1)
    1958 - Take Me Back Lover / Money, Money, Money (Athens 705/East West 112)


    Biography :

    Joe Perkins, Born in Nashville, December 1, 1935 had always wanted to become a professional singer. His family objected to this idea for a long time but after they saw how much singing really meant to him they encouraged him. In school he participated in the Glee Club and Dramatic Club as well as playing baritone saxophone in the school orchestra for a short time. Joe Perkins was graduated from Cameron High School in the spring of 1956. The four others in the group known as the Rookies are still in high school but they devote every spare moment they can to their singing.

    The Rookies (1)    The Rookies (1)

    Joe Perkins and the Rookies cut "Time Alone Will Tell" b/w "Ain’t You Glad Nature Did It" for release on Cincinnati's King label early in 1957, followed by the Bragg/Riley song "How Much Love Can One Heart Hold" coupled with joe's composition "A New Feeling". Joe Perkins split from the group and Having recorded for several small US labels during the early 60′s, it was only his ‘Little Eefin Annie’ single for Sound Stage 7 in ’63 that charted at #76. One of the members of the group is none other than Freddie Carpenter later known as Freddie North. In 1958, as Freddie Carpenter & The Rookies, they recorded "Take Me Back Lover" b/w "Money, Money, Money" released by Athens Records from Nashville . Atlantic's East West subsidiary gave it national distribution credited just to Freddie Carpenter.

    The Rookies (1)     The Rookies (1)
    Joe Perkins                                                                                                                      

    After that single, he split from the Rookies and adopted the name Freddie North, releasing "Okay, So What" with Buddy Killen in 1960. He managed to promote the single on American Bandstand but the single stalled. In 1961, he cut a couple of songs with Billy Sherrill that were licensed to Sam Phillips' Phillips International. As North worked at getting his recording career off the ground, he appeared on WLAC-TV's R&B show Night Train and took side gigs as a demo singer for country music publishing houses. He kept recording for various companies -- there was a side on Capitol, and 1964's "The Hurt" for R.I.C. -- but he opted for a job at Nashboro in 1965. He quickly worked his way into the promo department, but when the opportunity to record for Nashboro's fledgling A-Bet subsidiary arrived in 1967, he leaped at the chance. Produced by Bob Holmes, "Don't Make Me Look So Bad" was his first release for the label, followed by "I Have a Dream." North took control of his recordings in 1969, with the bulk of these sessions showing up on the Magnetic North LP in 1970.

    Songs :

    Joe Perkins & The Rookies (1)

            A New Feeling                        Ain’t You Glad Nature Did It

     How Much Love Can One Love Hold         Time Alone Will Tell          

    Freddie Carpenter & The Rookies (1)

    Money, Money, Money                    Take Me Back Lover  




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