• The Extremes (2)
    Bobby Sanders

    The Extremes (2)  (Los Angeles)


    Personnel :

    Bobby Sanders

    Charles Ingersol

    Robert Rozelle (Bass)

    Maurice Clark


    Discography :

    The Extremes (2)
    1962 - That's All I Want / The Bells (Paro 733)
    1964 - Sad Sam / How I Need Your Love (4J-514)

    Charles Lamont & The Extremes (2)
    1965 - I've Got To Keep Movin' / Doin' Mickey's Jerk (Challenge 59290)

    Bobby Sanders
    1961 - I'm On My Way / It Was You (Kaybo 618)
    1962 - Maybe I'm Wrong / You've Forgotten Me (Kent 382)
    1963 - Cleopatra / Dead Pigeon (Sor 117)


    Biography :

    The Extremes were formed in 1961 by Bobby Sanders and Charles Ingersoll (Van Clayton). Other members were Maurice Clark and Robert Rozel (Bass).  They all attended Dorsey High School in Los Angeles. Dorsey High School's impressive alumni included Mike Love (Beach Boys), Marilyn McCoo (Fifth Demension), Sparkey Anderson (MLB Manager) and many other sports figures and personalities. Bobby Sanders wrote "The Bells", their first recording. During this period, Bobby Sanders also recorded a few singles as a single artist. When they had little success as The Extremes, the four members went their separate ways. At the same time Bobby Sanders with Ralph Chestnut and Clotelle King Backed Linda Carr as the Impossibles and recruited Andrew Bayone & Joe Lawson for a release on Infinity  billed as The Cheerios and for Sue Record as The Chandeliers.

    The Extremes (2)     The Extremes (2)

    Extremes' Bobby Sanders and Charles Ingersoll did studio session work with the female vocal group The Blossoms and performed background vocals for various artists including Charles Lamont, Dobie Gray  and Phil Spector's groups. In 1967 Bobby Sanders formed the R & B/Soul group The Young Hearts and went on to manage, write and produce them with various members through the 60's and 70's. Their biggest hit was "I've Got Love For My Baby" which charted Nationally on Billboard in November, 1968 for 3 weeks and reached #94.


    Songs :

    The Extremes (2)

         The Bells                                         That's All I Want

    Charles Lamont & The Extremes (2)

    I've Got To Keep Movin'                         Doin' Mickey's Jerk    
    Bobby Sanders

    I'm On My Way                                It Was You

    Maybe I'm Wrong                             You've Forgotten Me


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