• Tommy Tucker & The Lullabyes (1)

    Tommy Tucker & The Lullabyes (1) (Staten Island, NY)

    Personnel :

    Tommy Tucker (Lead)

    Kenny Jones (Baritone)

    Dennis Raney (First Tenor)

    Discography :

    1961 - You Belong To Me / Do What You Did (Embassy 204)
    1975 - Oh, Baby! (Don't Keep Chasing After Me) / That Lucky Old Sun (Kelway 111/112)

    Biography :

    Tommy Tucker & The Lullabyes were all from Staten Island, New York (Tommy from South Beach and the other from Oakwood). They recorded "You Belong To Me" b/w "Do What You Did" in October 1960 at Allegro Sound Studios which was in 1650 Broadway in Manhattan. The recording was released in the late spring of 1961, but failed to get any promotion.  Actually Tommy Tucker & The Lullabyes came out with this record just before the Duprees came out with their version. The Duprees version came out in 1962. It was a better production and became a big hit. Once the Duprees record came out, they never heard the Lullabyes’ version one played again. In 1975, Kelway Records from Staten Island released "Oh Baby ! Don't Keep Chasing After Me" b/w "That Lucky Old Sun" by Tommy Tucker & The Lullabyes,  both song arranged by Tommy.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

     You Belong To Me                      Do What You Did

    Oh, Baby! / That Lucky Old Sun


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