• The Magnets
    The El Dupreys

    Elroy & The Excitements (Pittsburgh, Pa)
    aka The Enchantments (1)

    Personnel :

    Leroy Grammmar (Lead)

    Ronald Hill (First Tenor)

    Leon Harvard (Second Tenor)

    Paul Brently (Baritone)

    Wayne Walker (Bass)


    Discography :

    Elroy & The Excitements
    1961 - My Love Will Never Die / No One Knows (Alanna 189)

    The Enchantments (1) (featuring Leroy )
    1962 - Lonely Heart / Popeye (The Dance To Do) (Romac 1001)

    Biography :

    This group began as the El Dupreys from Pittsburgh. They were always the opening act for big name groups coming to the area. They split up and later reformed as the Excitements. Ronald Hill had a medical condition that initially forced him to leave the Excitements. When the group was traveling, Hill stayed home. Therefore on the road the group was a quartet. When they were about to record for Alanna, they asked Hill to join them for the recording — which he did.

    The Magnets    The Magnets    
                                Elroy & The Excitements

    Following their audition, they learned that Alanna management loved them and signed them to record. They cut two discs for Alanna, the first of which was released in the fall of 1960. Following these two recordings, Elroy and the Excitements kept busy with live appearances but did no further recording. Eventually they were released from their contract with Alanna. After leaving Alanna, they auditioned for Motown but met with no success. They then became Leroy and the Enchantments and recorded for Romac.

    The Magnets     The Magnets
    Bob Mack                                                                                                        

    Bob Mack founded his own record label Romac Records in 1962.  He scored a regional hit with the release of Leroy and the Enchantments single "Lonely Heart" that was written by Johnny Jack  


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Elroy & The Excitements

    My Love Will Never Die                                 No One Knows     

    The Enchantments (1)

           Lonely Heart                            Popeye (The Dance To Do)


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