• The Darcels (Brooklyn, New York)

    Personnel :

    Frankie Caravella (Lead)

    Eddie Pardocchi  (Lead)

    Donnie LaRufa (First Tenor)

    Joseph Caravella (Bass)

    Discography :

    Unreleased :
    1959 - The Wind
    1959 - Wadda Doo Cha Cha


    In 1959, prior to being in the DelVons, Eddie Pardocchi sang with the Darcels at J.H.S. 214 (Pitkin Avenue and Elderts Lane). This group consisted of Eddie Pardocchi, Donnie LaRuffa, Frankie Caravella, and Joe Caravella. The Darcels recorded two unreleased sides, "The Wind" and "Wadda Doo Cha Cha."  In 1962, John Carbone left the Five Discs & Eddie Pardocchi was brought into the Five Discs as Carbones' replacement.

    (L to R) Joseph Caravella, Donnie LaRufa, Eddie Pardocchi & Ronnie Mathis (who replaced Frankie Caravella)

    In 1964, original Five Discs Paul Albano and Tony Basile along with Charlie DiBella called it quits, but Joe Barsalona was determined to continue. With Eddie Pardocchi (lead), Joe Barsalona (baritone), and Darcels’ Donnie LaRuffa (first tenor) and Frank Arrione (second tenor) the group re-formed. This foursome then recorded "This Love Of Ours" and "To The Fair" which remained unreleased until 1981 when they came out on the Crystal Ball label as by the Five Discs.


    Songs :



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