• Willie Logan & The Plaids (3) aka The Equa(l)los

    Willie Logan & The Plaids (3)
    aka The Equa(l)los

    Personnel :

    Willie Logan (Lead)

    O. C. Logan

    Arthur Ford

    Dave Hoskins

    Discography :

    The Equalos
    1959 - Yodeling / Patty-Patty (Mad 1296)

    The Equallos
    1962 - In Between Tears / Beneath The Sun (Mad 23)

    Willie Logan & The Plaids (3)
    1963 - Say That You Care / You Conquered Me (Jerry-O 103)

    Biography :

    The Equalos were brothers O. C. Logan and Willie Logan, Arthur Ford, and Dave Hoskin. Their first release was on Mad in 1960. They recorded "Yodelin" and "Patty-Patty." The Equalos' single on Mad 1296 failed to generate any response. Their next single arrives three years later, as The Equallos with an additional "l" in the name.  "Beneath The Sun" b/w "In Between Tears," was released in 1962. Going baroque did not generate any sales, and in 1962 the group signed with George Leaner's One-derful label. Much to the Equallos' dismay, however, he never put anything out on them. In 1963 the Equallos recorded as Willie Logan and the Plaids, making a two-sided neo-doowop single called "You Conquered Me" b/w "Say that You Care," which appeared on Jerry Murray's Jerry O label. The two thinly-produced sides with their exotic warbling (a bit off-key besides) sounded dated next to the soul sounds that were emerging.

    Songs :

    The Equalos

      Yodeling                                            Patty-Patty

    The Equallos

    In Between Tears                         Beneath The Sun

    Willie Logan & The Plaids (3)

    Say That You Care                        You Conquered Me

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