• The Delights (1) aka The Delrays aka The Teen-Kings

    The Delights (1) (Reading, Pa)
    aka The Delrays aka The  Teen-Kings 



    Personnel :

    Walter "Buster" Lockman (Lead)

    James Keith (Tenor)

    Norman Keith (Tenor)

    Jimmy Tindall (Baritone)

    Bernie Washington (Bass)




    Discography :

    The Teen-Kings
    1958 - That's A Teenage Love / Tell Me I You Know (Bee 1115)

    The Delrays
    1958 - Our Love is True / One Kiss, A Smile And A Dream (Cord 1101)

    The Delights (1)
    1961 - My one Desire /   Please Take My Love  (Nite 201 / Nite 1034)



    Biography :

    James and Norman Keith were performers from their pre-school day when they would entertain they neighbors with their singing and Ukulele playing . By the time they were attending Fitzsimmons Junior High School, they had a quintet assembled consisting of LaVester Littles, Ron Brown, Walter "Buster" Lockman, and themselves. They were called the Victors, and played opening night at the Blue Horizon Club on North broad Street in 1956. For The next two years they played regularly at other clubs, benefits, and neighborhood gatherings, mostly in North Philly. In 1958, Bernie Washington took over the Bass singer, and Jimmy Tindall replaced Littles as Baritone. With "Buster" Lockman on Falsetto lead, they quickly learned that they could get their biggest crowd reaction bodying Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers covers.

    The Delights (1) aka The Delrays aka The Teen-Kings    The Delights (1) aka The Delrays aka The Teen-Kings

    The Name change to Teen Kings, reflected their desire to develop their sound close to Lymon's group. Their shows also got the attention of Ben Johnson Jr (who had managed the Re-Vels since 1954), who signed them to a management contract, and a recording session at Virtue Studios, in the 1600 block of North Broad Street. They recorded four songs at Virtue, likely completed at a single session. In addition to "That a Teenage Love" and "Tell Me If You Know", Johnson released another single on his Cord label, credited to the Delrays. "Our Love Is True" (Wich is virtually the same melody as "That's A Teenage Love") and  "One Kiss, A Smile And A Dream", both list Johnson as the writer.

    The Delights (1) aka The Delrays aka The Teen-Kings
    The Teen Kings, the Keith Brothers (Facing each other) and Buster Lockman (at the microphone)

    All four sides suffered from a very muddily sound with the lead buried in a poorly placed sigle mike. Lockman was only 13 years old when he made this recordings. The same Lineup made one more records as the Delights ("My one Desire" / "Please Take My Love"), released in 1961. Around the same time, the group auditioned for Richard Barrett in New York but the deal did not materialize. Lockman continued his career as a solo artist through the sixties, releasing one record on the Wand Label in 1967 as Walter Wilson. Norman keith also continued in the music business as a side man, touring with Martha & The Vandellas.


    Songs :

    The DelRays

    One Kiss, A Smile And A Dream                  Our Love is True


    The Teen-Kings   

    That's A Teenage Love                          Tell Me If You Know

    The Delights (1)

    My One Desire                             Please Take My Love



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