•     Charles Henderson, Johnny Johnson & Dave Bell - Top : Johnny Banks

    The Everglades (1)  (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
    aka The Go-Togethers ref The Ebbtides (5)


    Personnel :

    Johnny Banks

    Charles Henderson

    Dave Bell

    Johnny Johnson


    Discography :

    The Ebbtides (5)
    1956 - Only Be Mine / What's Your Name Dear (Teen 121)

    Johnny Banks & The Everglades (1)
    1961 - While Sitting In The Chapel / Do You Miss Me (BPV 112277)

    The Everglades (1)
    1962 - I Went To The S&S / Tell Me Pretty Baby (Brenne 502)

    The Go-Togethers
    1963 - Train / Time After Time (Coast 100)

    Biography :

    Charles Henderson began singing with fellow Ben Framklin High Scool. In 1955, Charles Henderson with Johnny Banks, Horace Adams, Robert Lee and Betty McCann formed a group, Following a year of tedious practice, Johnny Banks made the connection with Teen/Sound Records in 1956. At The Reco-Arts Studio , they cut " What's Your Name Dear" with "Only Be Mine". Appearances ensued, most arranged by manage rRobinson. The Baby Grang in Harlem, another in Reading, Pensylvania, the O.V Catto hall at 16th & Fitzwater near Center City, the Ice House in South Jersey, a sleek show at the uptown theater accompanying the Blue Notes the Channels & The Continentals..…

    WDAS concert - Uptown Thheater (ca 1960)

    Some years later, Dave Bell and Johnny Johnson replaced Horace Adams and and McCann. This reformed aggregation was christened the Everglades by Johnny Banks. Six years or so following their dustup with teen records, they found themselves on the doorstep of BVP Records.  The Everglades cut "While Sitting In The Chapel" /" Do You Miss Me". But the BVP platter wended its way to nowhere and the group cut another record for Brenne "I Went To The S&S" and "Tell Me Pretty Baby". The group have two other songs: "Train" and "Time After Time" released one year later on the Coast Label under the strange name "The Go-Togethers".


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Ebbtides (5)

    Only Be Mine                              What's Your Name Dear

    Johnny Banks & The Everglades (1)

    While Sitting In The Chapel                      Do You Miss Me

     The Everglades (1)

    I Went To The S & S / Tell Me Pretty Baby

    The Go-Togethers

    Train / Time After Time


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