• Dee & Di
    Diane & Susanne

    Dee & Di (San Diego, California)


    Personnel :

    Susanne Roshay

    Diane Roshay


    Discography :

    1960 - Just You / Dream (Keen 82121 / Sims 153)
    1961 - (Then I'll Say) Goodbye / Lucky Girl (Keen 8219)
    1961 - Silly Billy / Roses Are Red (Acclaim 1007)


    Biography :

    Dee & Di were Susanne and Diane Roshay, two graduates from Clairmont High School, San Diego, class of 1960. The Girls first recorded for the Bob Keane's label Keen in 1960 with a session that produced four tracks. The Four tracks were recorded in Hollywood at Gold Star Studios with arranger, Hank Levine who provided a lovely arrangement that was sparse yet quite dreamy, showcasing Diane and Susanne's harmonic lead voices.  "Just You" b/w "Dream" were both composed by the girls as was the follow up Keen single released in February 1961, "(Then I'll Say) Goodbye" b/w "Lucky Girl".  While attending Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California, the final Dee & Di disc, "Silly Billy" b/w "Roses Are Red" was released in September 1961 on the Acclaim label.

    Dee & Di
    Diane & Susanne

    By the summer of 1965, Susanne, Diane and five young men had formed the folk/pop group, the Lively Set and recorded one single for Mercury Records.  They moved to Capitol Records the following year and under the production of David Axelrod, in August released only one single as well.  The final known Lively Set single was from October 1966 on the Straight Ahead label.  After that, the doings and whereabouts of Susanne and Diane Roshay are not known other than their  names are now Diane Roshay Finnegan and Susanne Roshay McClain.  Anthony Reichardt



    Dream                                         Just You

    Lucky Girl                       (Then I'll Say) Goodbye

    Silly Billy                               Roses Are Red


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