• The Parliaments (2) (Philadelphia, Pa.)

    Personnel :

    Arnold Bennett (Lead)

    Milton Harling (First Tenor)

    James Frazier (Second Tenor)

    John Gore (Baritone)

    Bobby Taylor (Bass).

    Discography :

    The Parliaments (2)
    1958 - Don't Need You Anymore / Honey Take Me Home With You (Len 101)

    Joe VanLoan bb The Parliaments (2)
    1959 -     Give Me Your Heart / Forever (V-Tone 200)

    Biography :

    The Parliaments were first called the Imperials, but Little Anthony came along and they were forced to choose another name. They spied a discarded parliament cigarette pack in the gutter of a street in their North Philly neighbourhood around 27th and York, and they were henceforth known as The Parliaments, Arnold Bennett, Milton Harling, James Frazier, John Gore and Bobby Taylor.

    Joe VanLoan

    In 1958, they cut "Don't Need You Anymore" and "Honey Take Me Home With You" released on the short lived Len records (1958-1960) subsidiary of V-tone label where the group backed Joe VanLoan in 1959 on "Give Me Your Heart" and "Forever".

    Songs :

    The Parliaments (2)

       Don't Need You Anymore              Honey Take Me Home With You


    Joe VanLoan bb The Parliaments (2)

    Give Me Your Heart                                      Forever           


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