• The Pentagons aka The Shields (2) aka The Chesterfields (3)

    Carl McGinnis , Kenneth Goodloe, Josephus Jones, Otis Munson & Ted Goodloe

    The Pentagons (San Bernardino, Los Angeles)
    aka The Chesterfields (3) aka The Shields (2)


    Personnel :

    Josephus Jones "Joe C. Jones" (Lead)

    Otis Munson (Tenor)

    Kenneth Goodloe(Tenor)

    Ted Goodloe(Baritone)

    Carl McGinnis (Bass)

    Bill James


    Discography :

    The Pentagons
    1958 - It's Spring Again / Silly Dilly(Speciality 644)
    1960 - To Be loved (forever) / Down At The Beach(Fleet Int'l 100/Donna 1337)
    1961 - For A Love That Is Mine / I Like The Way You Look(Donna 1344)
    1961 - I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me) / She Loves Me(Jamie 1201)
    1962 - Until Then / I'm In Love(Jamie 1210 / Caldwell 411)
    1964 - Gonna Wait For You / Forever Yours(Sutter 100)
    1960 - Walking Alone (Donna)
    1962 - Help Me With My Broken Heart (Jamie)

    The Shields (2)
    1960 - You'll Be Coming Home / The Girl Around The Corner (Falcon 100/Trans.1013)

    The Chesterfields (3)
    1962 - You Walked Away / A Dream Is But A Dream (Philips 40060)


    Biography :

    The original Pentagons group, which was assembled in 1958, comprised the Goodloe brothers, McGinnis, plus Bill James as tenor and Johnny Torrence as lead. They recorded one unsuccessful single for Specialty Records, and then Torrence and James departed to be replaced by Jones and Munson, respectively. A trip to Los Angeles that same year attracted the attention of George Motola's Fleet International, a label Motola owned with Lee Silver. The group recorded a single, "You'll Be Coming Home Soon," which Motola released under the name the Shields.


    They were forced to change their name to the Pentagons after discovering a local act from Los Angeles had a hit that year under the same name ("You Cheated").In 1961 the group had a big hit with a Ken Goodloe song, 'To Be Loved (Forever)' (number 48 pop). It was released on Bob Keane's Donna label, but after one follow-up on Donna the group moved to the Jamie label.


    They reached the charts again during 1961 with this Goodloe composition, 'I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me)' (number 84 pop). Ricky Nelson was so impressed with the song he recorded it in 1964.In 1962 the group cut two great early soul singles under the alias of the Chesterfields but with no additional hits forthcoming, the group disbanded and faded into obscurity.


    Songs :

    The Pentagons

    To Be Loved                           Until Then                            I'm In Love

    It's Spring Again / Silly Dilly         I Wonder / She Loves Me               Forever Yours             

    Gonna Wait For You           I Like The Way You Look          For A Love That Is Mine

               Down At The Beach                  Walking Alone             Help Me With My Broken Heart

    The Shields (2)

    You'll Be Coming Home / The Girl Around The Corner

    The Chesterfields (3)

    You Walked Away                             A Dream Is But A Dream



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