• The Counts (1) (Indianapolis, Indiana)


    Personnel :

    Chester Brown (Tenor Lead)

    Robert Penick (First Tenor)

    Robert Wesley (Second Tenor)

    Robert Young (Baritone)

    James Lee (Bass)


    Discography :

    1954 - Darling Dear / I Need You Always (Dot 1188)

    1954 - Hot Tamales / Baby Don't You Know (Dot 1199)

    1954 - My Dear My Darling / She Won't Say Yes (Dot 1210)

    1954 - Waitin' Around For You / Baby I Want You (Dot 1226)

    1954 - Let Me Go Lover / Wailin' Little Mama (Dot 1235)

    1955 - Love And Understanding / From This Day On (Dot 1243)

    1955 - I Need You Tonight / Sally Walker (Dot 1265)

    1956 - To Our Love / Heartbreaker (Dot 1275)


    Biography :

    The Counts were a vocal group on the periphery of the R & B explosion that took hold across the United states in late 1954. All members attended Crispus Attucks High School, Indianapolis, Indiana, while the band formed. The group impressed local talent scouts and brought them to the attention of Randy Wood and his fledgling Dot label located in nearby Gallatin.

    The first recording by the group was issued on Dot #1188 - "Darling Dear" and "I Need You Always". The 'A' side, the rhythmic ballad "Darling Dear" was an immediate hit with its interesting sound that seemed to have one foot rooted in the older blues and the other on the more modernistic stylings of the mid fifties.

    The Counts hit the stage of the venerable Apollo Theater in New York along with the "King" of the one nighters Buddy Johnson & his orchestra with Ella Johnson and Nolan Lewis. In late May a second Dot recording is released, it is #1199 - "Baby Don't You Know" and "Hot Tamale". This time a thud is heard as it is not a successful follow up that the group and the label hoped for.

    Even so, The Counts are signed on as part of the touring revue called "The 2nd Annual Rhythm & Blues Show" which includes Roy Hamilton, The Drifters, Faye Adams, LaVern Baker, The Spaniels, King Pleasure, and the Rusty Bryant band. The show will tour the South for six weeks during the summer.

    The group's recording career lasted only two years, from 1954 to 1956, but gave such great sides as "Darling Dear," "My Dear My Darling," "To Our Love," "From This Day On," and "Let Me Go Lover".  All were recorded for the Dot label.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Darling Dear / I Need You Always   Hot Tamales / Baby Don't You Know

    My Dear My Darling / She Won't Say Yes        Waitin' Around For You

    Let Me Go Lover / Wailin' Little Mama        Love And Understanding

    I Need You Tonight                   Sally Walker                       To Our Love

    Heartbreaker                     From This Day On                   Baby I Want You


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