• The Primettes  (Detroit)
    aka The Supremes (4)


    Personnel :

    Betty McGlown

    Mary Wilson

    Diana Ross

    Florence Ballard


    Discography :

    The Primettes
    1961 - Tears of Sorrows / Pretty baby (Lu pine 120)

    Al Garner & the Primettes
    1966 - All i need is you  (Relic LP 8008)


    Biography :

    Founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1959, The Supremes began as a quartet called The Primettes. Founding members Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross and Betty McGlown, all from the Brewster-Douglass public housing project in Detroit, formed The Primettes as the sister act to The Primes (with Paul Williams and Eddie Kendricks, who would go on to form The Temptations).


    Barbara Martin replaced McGlown in 1960, and the group signed with Motown the following year as The Supremes. Martin left the act in early 1962, and Ross, Ballard and Wilson carried on as a trio.


    Songs :

    Tears of Sorrows                                   Pretty Baby   


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